The Nez perce and Muckleshoot Indians

The Nez perce and Muckleshoot Indians were one of the most famous tribes in the northwest. Their needs were something everyone needs for survival. Food, shelter and clothing were the needs they relied on. They also had wants ,but since one tribe lived on the coast and the other on the plateau they had different wants.

The Muckleshoot


The Muckleshoot Indian tribe met the need of food in a variety of ways. A large part of retrieving food was fishing. Fish was one of the tribes main staples. The tribe used canoes to catch fish such as salmon and steelhead fish. The tribe made salmon berry sprouts oftenly for a dish. They also ate salmon eggs and clams. In the winter the tribe ate roots berries and salmon or clams that had been saved from the summer months.


The Muckledshoot was not a tribe that traveled to many different shelter grounds. This enabled them to have shelters that were large and not removable. These shelters were called long houses. They were large and made of wood with a movable
slat on top to let fire smoke out.

This is a picture of a longhouse
in a field and it greatly resembles
one that the Muckleshoot would use.


One of the Muckleshoots' wants was thier tools. Many of their tools were made of stone and wood. They had many wood working tools such as wedges, carving knives, axes and hammers. They also had tools used for hunting like hunting knives, bow & arrows and cutting/scraping stones.
Bow and arrow
Bow and arrow

These are some common tools for Native American tribes.
On the left is a bow & arrow set and the right is an axe


The Muckleshoot tribe also had the need of clothing. Most of the clothes were made from cedar bark and hides. The hunters wore animal hides to stay protected from the brush in the forests. The rest of the tribe wore clothes mode from cedar bark. Some of the tribe members also wore leggings or breechcloth for warm weather. Mocassins were worn in weather that was not wet due too the fact that they would become saturated in the water.

The tribe often wore clothes that
resembled these articles of clothing.

Pow Wow

The Pow Wow was one of the Muckleshoots' wants. A Pow Wow is a gathering of tribe members to sing, dance and socialize. The tribe valued music and dance which is why they celebrate the Pow Wow. There is a great example of a Pow Wow at the link at the bottom of the page.

Nez perce

Cheif Joseph - Nez pertce

Chief Joseph of the Nez perce tribe.


The Nez perce Indian tribe had many different ways of obtaining food. Since the Nez perce lived next to where water existed one way of meeting the need for food was fishing. The Nez perce fished for slamon in the rivers with spears that were thrown into the water. They also used canoes to go out into the water.The Nez perce did not belive in farming animals. The Nez lived off the land because of the abundance of food for the for the entire year. The mountain was also also a souce of food it was home to deer, elk, moose, and bear. The Nez perce also traved to the plains to hunt buffalo, with the buffalo meat they made pemmican but it didn't contain berries instead it had bown marrow. Bulbs of the camas flower were vital food source they were dug twice a year and stored for winter use.


Shelter was also a large part of the Nez perce survival. The Nez perce built semi pernmanate villages around sources of water. long A shaped communal structures framed with poles and covered with woven mats.

Nez perce Tipi

This is a picture of a semi pernmanate
Nez perce village.


Both men and women wore woven-fiber clothing made from the trees, shrubs and other materials that grew in Both men and women wore woven-fiber clothing made from the trees, shrubs and other materials that grew in abundance in the forests around them. Later they adopted clothing made of animal skins. Nez Perce men wore breechcloths, shirts, moccasins, and leggings made of deer, elk and buffalo skins. Women wore buckskin dresses, moccasins and leggings. They also wore woven hats decorated with feathers and tassels. Clothing that was to be worn for more formal occasions was often fringed along the seams and decorated geometric designs made of beads, quills or paint. Men and women used blankets of fur when the weather turned cold. Nez Perce women became expert tanners, and prepared exquisite buffalo hides that were used for clothing and tipi covers. The Nez Perce also traded their skins with tribes along the lower Columbia River.

Nez perce clothing

This is a picture of a Nez perce
boy with traditional clothing.


The Nez perce hand made tools from wood. The Nez perce made spears for fishing. The nez perce also made canoes from driftwood logs for fishing and traveling.The Nez perce also made arrows from arrow head and bows for hunting animals.


This is a dug out canoe the
Nez perce used to to travle and fish.


In conclusion both tribes had different ways of meeting their needs and wants. They had different ways of getting needs annd wants because they had different beliefs and they lived in different climates. They were two tribes that had similaities and differences in their wants due to their beliefs and lifestyles. The creators of this page are glad to have been able to provide you with this information.

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