Nisqually-The Native American Tribe



Nisqually's food is obviously, based on their natural enviorment. They harvested shellfish, dug starchy camas roots, gathered berries, grassed, roots, and hunted. Hunting mostly consisted of fishing. In the fall, men caught salmon, bluefish, flounder, halibut, skate-devil fish, and fisheggs.


During warmer weather, men were often naked, or wore hide or cederbark only breeche clothing. Women wore narrow skirts, or full length dresses. In the winter, men and women both, wore animal hides that were rubbed with deer brains to soften the
Painting of Chief Leschi.
m. Along with hide moccasins and blankets which were woven out of mountain goat, and/or dog hair.


In the summer, their homes mostly consisted of lodges which were made of rushes or bark, also known as lean to. In the winter the Nisqually tribe used permanent ceder plank long houses.


Ceremonies, festivals, and funerals

When the first fish of the season come, the tribe holds a "First Salmon" ceremony. There, the salmon is honered as the chief. The tribe then gave offerings such as eagle down, fish, seal, and elk cooked. There are two things Nisqually does for the passing of a tribe memeber. They either bury them in the rocky ground. Or they wrap them in robes, place them in a fishing canoe, cover them with a mat, and suspend them 10-14 feet in the air between two trees. As my spanish teacher always tells the class, "It's not wierd, it's different!"

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