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The Needs and Wants of the Colville
The Wants of the Colville and Makah
The Colville and Makah , two Pacific Northwest tribes, are similar and different in many ways. Since the Colville tribe is a Plateau tribe and the Makah is a Coastatribe, while their needs and wants may be similar, their method of acquiring those needs and wants differ. Some of these differences are due to their location and availability of resources and some differences can be attributed to their values and belief systems.

Some of the needs that everyone needs are food, shelter, and clothing. One of the wants that the Makah tribe has is called a potlatch, a potlatch is a ceremonial celebration that can be held for important occasions. A want that the Colville tribe has is that they have a very traditional way of living.


The Makah native american tribe attains their food by fishing and whaling. To fish they set up a wooden fence underwater to trap the fish then the native americans spear the fish as seen in the picture beside. The reason they fished was because large quantities of seafood including salmon, halibut, cod, flounder, candlefish,herring, seals and wahle were found in the rivers, lakes, ocean and bay. Also in the spring, summer and fall berries were dried and stored in baskets for future use.Certain types of nuts and seeds were also saved for the future.


The Makah clothing was made out of ceder trees. They would peel the bark off of the trees and soften it. After it was softened they would weave it together in the shape of whatever they were making. For shoes they would use deer or bison hide and weave that together in the shape of a shoe.


The Makah tribes sheler is a long house. A longhouse ius a series of planks of wod put together according to different seasons. In the summer they were more open to let more air in. In the winter they were a little smaller and put together very tightly. Normally a long house is constructed 100-1000 feet long and use a lot of ceder bark.