(Please forgive me on the mistaken title ^.^ )

On this page my group and I are going to tell you about the needs of the Colville, Food, Clothing, and Shelter.

They acheived their need of food by, catching fish and gathering roots, berries, and nuts. When the Colville caught salmon they ate the entire fish including the head! They often waited until after spawning and retieved the fish that had died and ate those too. The men hunted deer, elk, bear, beaver, and buffalo.After a hunt a feast was held. Leftovers were frozen for winter. Special camps were set up for fishing, collecting nuts, berries, and roots. Camas, an edible root, other roots and huckleberries were particularly favored. Before salmon camps were established they ate suckerfish and steelhead trout.

The next need we will tell you about is Shelter. The Colville, like many tribes lived in cold climate, the Colville maintained winter and summer homes. In the summer they lived in homes shaped like cones often known as "tepee's" They were wrapped in mats made of rushes. They made sweathouses for the religous rites of purification.

The final need we will tell you about is clothing. The women wore tunics, leggings, and mocassins. The men wore leggings, mocassins, & breeth clothes, (flaps of animal skin that covered the necessary areas and were suspended from the waist.) Both sexes added fur robes for warmth. To decorate the clothes they fringed, punctured, and embroidered them with porcupine quills. They added on seeds, hoofs, shells, elk teeth, and ermine skins. Before the 19th century both sexes wore nose pins.

Those are the main needs of the Colville tribe.