The Puyallup tribe: WANTS: ceremonies: The puyallup tribe is one of the many indian tribes that celebrated the potlache. A potlache is a big ceremony that is held when deaths occur, weddings are celebrated, when someone becomes of age where they are considered an adult or an elder of the tribe, when a longhouse has been finished, or just because the host would like to have a higher socila status. A potlache was held to celebrate a special occasion or to signify that something had happened that would have an impact on the tribe, like a death. the hosts purpose of the party was to show there wealthand make their socila status higher. during the ceremony there would be dancing, singing, games, feasts, and ritual boasting. This lasted for several days. There also would be a time when the host would give gifts to some of the guests. These gifts wouldn't just be simple and easy to get, they would have been beautiful and very generous. The guests were not aloud to give the gifts back to the host and in return, the host would have been thought of as higher class, wealthy, and very giving.
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An indian tribe during a potlache.
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One ceremony that was unique to the Puyallup tribe was the winter dance that was held. It was also called a spiritual dance. In the beginning of every year, the men and the boys would go fishing for salmon to get more food, because by that time, the food they have is almost gone. Once they catch the first fish, they have one of these dances. During it, there is the feast, dancing, games, and other things that are similar to the potlache but there is not just one hosts, everyone brings food, it had no impact on anyones social position, and there was no gift giving.

The Puyallup tribe: NEEDS: clothing: During the summer time, men wore nothing or breech cloths and women wore cedar bark aprons and skirts. During the cooler weather, they both wore woven blankets made of mountain goat wool, and added leggings, skirts, and moccasins when it got colder.
Food: In the spring and summer time, they went to temporary camps to get food for the winter and fall time. They fish for 5 different types of salmon, steel head trout, herring smelt, flounder, flatfish, lingcod, rockfish, halibut, and sturgeon. They wouold also catch different types of shelfish like clams, crabs, and oysters. They hunted for deer, elk, black bear, beavers, raccoon, and marmots. The women and girls gathered berries, roots, nuts, bulbs, and sprouts. They would get lots of these foods to store for the winter time.
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Indians fishing in a canoe
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Shelter: While the indians were out gathering these foods during the summer and spring seasons, they would stay in these camps closer to the places they were hunting and fishing at so they would be able to start early in the mornings and stay out as long as they could. They slept in teepees during that time because they were easier to move from place to place. The Puyallup indians home in the fall and winter seaons was an inhabited permanet dwelling that were located along the riverbanks. if you didn't live in one of these, then you would have lived in a longhouse with most of your extended family.

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A traditional indian teepee
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